About Us

Velvet Mistress

Ms Velvet

I have always enjoyed the very best life has to offer. I expect perfect service and perfect obedience from all around Me.

My skills are diverse and honed to lethal perfection; I expect My every wish to be met quickly and perfectly; I am loving and cruel, silk and steel; and My soft, sensuous voice will soothe and caress your mind or make you tremble to the very core of your being. I am unlike anything you have ever experienced.

I am your dream come true. I am your worst nightmare.

Be the respectable honourable slave you should be and only then will My time be afforded to you.

Ms Cee-Cee

Ms Cee-Cee

I breathe sensuality and eroticism, lay at My feet and experience unforgettable delight.

I traveled extensively for over 10 years and I am expertly trained in the arts of pleasure and pain.

I have a wonderfully twisted imagination, and I possess a deep understanding of the dark, wonderful, erotic fantasies that drive you to My feet. In My expert and caring hands your submission will be realized - I have the sensitivity, intelligence and sophistication to understand and realize the most complex of private needs.

Master D

Master D

Master D is a lifestyle Dominant, with many years of play under His leather belt. He is strong and cruel and doesn’t take kindly to indecision.

Be ready for His firm hand.